Modernization in the forest

This morning, as soon as I woke up, I saw a wind turbine being carried on a truck near my house, and I wondered where it was being taken If we think that air energy is beneficial for all of us, but on what condition?Did you clear the forests?Did animals disturb the birds in the sanctuary? The current view is something like this Where you can see that a windmill has grown in the forest 🥲

Today we are talking about Kutch district of Gujarat share of India This place in the world has a thrilling identity here white There is no desert anywhere in the world but only one of the wild donkeys found in the world is found here  A lot of diversity and the oldest Indus Valley Civilization is found here But in some time in the circle of models and moderns The life of this district has been disrupted It seems that thousands of windmills have come up in the last 5 years It is not wrong to say that here is a forest of wind mills, this is the most alarming thing that shows destruction. You must have heard the name of White Run of Kutch, now it is being completely covered by solar panels The survival of the desert is being threatened in the race for the world's largest plant The surprising thing is that no one is talking about this topic and everyone wants to live their life comfortably No one wants to think about the future