Dear World Leaders,


COP28 is set to take place in the UAE. I'm here to share an important message with you as a World Citizen.

Our world is facing pressing challenges, which are none other than environmental issues such as Climate Change, Global Warming, Pollution etc.

Millions of people lose their lives because of these issues, creating destruction in the lives of many. Even animals suffer, or any other living organisms other than us, and human beings are suffering too.

We often speak of climate action or an action for change, but somehow it lacks implementation.

Working towards the betterment of Mother Earth is not only our work; it is our work too. This planet belongs to us all, and we must work together for it. Always remember that we have given the title of 'Mother' to this planet, the Mother Earth, as well. It is everyone's mother, and without it, we are nothing!

We have to work to reduce our earth’s global temperature; we have to work on building more and more sustainable energies; we have to switch to renewable energy; planting more trees; and we have to make sure that we don't act for our greed, which can be harmful for us only.

I believe that any environmental issue is the reason for social issues; in very simple words, environmental issues = social inequalities.

Hence, we should take real action for the change for the better!

Let us make a collective commitment to make this COP28 historic, so that future generations are able to remember it for the better.



Priyanka Chakraborty