With the support of our partner UNV, Youth4Climate has recruited online volunteer experts in project design, management and implementation to support you in the Youth4Climate Call for Solutions 2024 application process. Online volunteers will provide you with a 30 min one-to-one online session to guide you in understanding the technical aspects of the application, in particular the completion of the workplan and budget template. The online volunteers will not mentor you on the idea or concept of your proposal. 


What to consider while choosing an online volunteer? 

We have assigned 22 online volunteers (OVs) who are experts in project design, management and implementation. Our OVs are from different time zones and speak over 10 languages (including English, French and Spanish). Therefore, you can choose a volunteer that can align with your preferred expertise, time zone and language. 

We have attached the list of online volunteers in alphabetical order below. Please make sure you go through all the online volunteers before you select your top 3 choices (we will allocate one of them to you). 


What's expected of you while attending the sessions 

  • You have only 30 minutes to obtain this support, so it's mandatory to submit your draft workplan and budget during registration for the service, enabling your mentor to access your documents beforehand and provide you with technical advice on areas of improvement during the session and saving time for any questions you may have. 

  • You can book only one session. If you were not satisfied with your session, please contact us. 

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your session, your mentor reserves the right to cancel the session without providing another one. If you anticipate being late or encounter an unavoidable or urgent situation, please email your mentor at least 2 hours before the session. 


Registration for the service  

  • Review the Y4C Call for Solutions guidelines and workplan and budget templates Call For Solutions 2024 Guidelines and Templates (youth4climate.info)

  • Draft your work plan and budget using the template. Make sure you use both sheet  on the Excel. (1st sheet is for Work plan and the 2nd for budget)

  • Review the catalogue of online volunteers and select your top 3 choices. (Flip the pages or click on the arrows you see below the image to go through all the volunteers)

  • Fill in the registration form here 

  • We will allocate you a volunteer and share with you a booking link through which you can book your session with them. 

  • Once you receive the link, please make a booking and this will automatically create a Zoom link for your session with the mentor. 

Communication and feedback 

  • If you face any problems in registering and booking, please email [email protected]. 

  • After your session, your mentor will share a satisfaction survey link with you. Please fill it in and submit it right after your session if possible. This will help us keep track of the sessions and hear from you. The satisfaction survey can be filled in anonymously, and it’s owned by the Youth4Climate team at UNDP.  


Important disclaimer 

Online volunteers do not represent Youth4Climate, UNDP, or the Government of Italy. They will not be involved in evaluating applications. Youth4Climate cannot guarantee the quality of sessions provided or the accurateness of advice provided by the volunteers. It remains your responsibility to ensure the alignment of your proposal with the Guidelines of the Youth4Climate Call for Solutions. We welcome your feedback on the sessions. 

Important dates  


March 26: Bookings open 

April 2: Support sessions start 

May 10: Last day for bookings 

Link to the registration form: https://forms.gle/XbBJfPZG2iKeyaX29