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Youth4Climate (Y4C) 

Y4C is a global initiative co-led by the Government of Italy and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and co-shaped with youth and other strategic partners. Y4C brings together existing and new online and offline resources, tools, capacities, partnerships, networks, and movements by and for youth. 

Youth4Climate has a strong focus on supporting the implementation of youth-led and youth-inclusive climate solutions, through funding and otherwise, for a more sustained climate impact on the ground. 

Youth4Climate Online Community  

The Y4C engagement platform is a go-to knowledge space for young climate leaders and partners to network and exchange opportunities, experiences, and resources. The platform already hosts close to 7,000 members consisting of young people from all parts of the world, high-level representatives from international organizations, the scientific community, and the private sector. 

One of the strategic pillars of the Youth4Climate initiative is to:

Sustain meaningful and long-term engagement with and for youth, by making possible the generation and exchange of knowledge, opportunities, experiences, and resources in a new global virtual space.

Accordingly, all site users and any contributions they make must comply with this Code of Conduct